Express train + Bullet Train + Bus from Narita to Hakuba

The quickest way to get to Hakuba from Narita Airport is to take the Keisei Skyliner express train from Narita Airport to Ueno station , 41 mins travel time. At Ueno station, change trains to the Shinkansen to Nagano Station and take the bus from the east exit to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 4 hours, cost ¥12,260.

  • Once you clear customs, check with Jorudan  Route Finder (App) or Google Maps for the best route and times and proceed to the Skyliner ticket desk outside customs.
  • Purchase a Skyliner ticket to Ueno at the Skyliner desk, You will then need to by your Shinkansen Ticket to Nagano at the JR Shinkansen ticket office in Ueno.
  • When you arrive at Ueno station, follow the signs pointing to the JR Station. Purchase your shinkansen tickets at the sales office and board the train bound for Nagano Station. Look for the JR EAST Travel Service Center in front of the bullet train gates on the left-hand side.
  • From Nagano Station, you can either take the bus or a chartered taxi. Please check for details below!

Bus from Narita to Hakuba

The Nagano Snow Shuttle offers several trips per day between Narita Airport and Hakuba Valley. Large comfortable coaches, equipped with WIFI make this the easy way to make the trip. No hauling luggage through crowded stations, or searching for platform numbers. Just head to the counter at terminal 2 and you’ll be on your way.

Accommodation drop off options are available during daylight hours, and if you arrive after dark, you will be taken to your accommodation.

This is also the cheapest option for getting from Narita Airport to Hakuba.

Chartered Taxi from Narita to Hakuba

CompanyFareNumber of passengers
Alpico Taxi¥168,700Up to 7
Chuo Taxi¥122,400~Up to 7

There are now several taxi companies offering a chartered taxi service from Narita Airport, with a van meeting your party at the airport and delivering you to your accommodation in Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 5 to 6 hours, ¥122,400~ for the chartered jumbo taxi.

  • The taxi is chartered for groups of 7 adults, meaning your taxi is private and there is no waiting for other passengers.
  • Groups smaller than 7 adults can secure a chartered taxi by paying the rate for 7 adults, thus ensuring that you do not need to wait for any other parties.

Private Bus from Narita to Hakuba

DurationDuration of Charter with passengers on board is 6 hours / Total charter time is 15 hours
DistanceDistance traveled with passengers on board is 420km / Total charter distance is 710km
Vehicle TypeVanMini BusMedium BusLarge Bus

Book a Private Bus

Car Rental from Narita to Hakuba

Rent a car at Narita and drive to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 4 hours, the cost depends on car size, but a Toyota Noah will run you around ¥102,816 per week from Samurai Rental Car. Make sure you get snow tires!

Also, with Samurai Rental, snow tires, GPS, child seats, insurance and no refill on the return are included in the rates! And for now, they have a 10% discount code – ZA13012517.

Tokyo to Hakuba

There are many ways to get from Tokyo to Hakuba! We have selected 5 for you to choose from! Riding the bullet train from Tokyo is a unique Japanese experience and is fast, so we recommend this coupled with the bus. The bus however is the cheapest and easiest option as it doesn’t require any transfers!

Bullet Train + Bus from Nagano to Hakuba

This is the quickest way to get to Hakuba from Tokyo. The same route as the from Narita Airport, just without the first express train! Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station, transfer to the Alpico bus from Nagano City to Hakuba.  Estimated time and cost for the shinkansen and bus: 3 hours, ¥10,400 per adult and ¥5,200 per child.

  • Take the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo or Ueno to Nagano Station. Check with Jorudan or Google Maps times, fares, and platform numbers.
  • At Nagano Station, go to the east exit and find bus stop #26. Please check the bottom of this page for more details!

Express Train from Tokyo to Hakuba

The direct express train from Shinjuku to/from Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 3 hours 41 minutes, ¥8,050 for adults (12 and older) and ¥4,290 for kids between 6-11. Children aged 5 and under are free if they sit in non-reserved seating.

  • Azusa 5: Leaves daily at 8:00 from Shinjuku Station (platform 9) and goes directly to Hakuba Station, arriving at 11:41.
  • Azusa 46: The only direct train (no switching) leaving daily Hakuba at 15:16 and arrives at Shinjuku Station at 19:06.

Bus from Tokyo to Hakuba

Overall the Alpico Bus is the cheapest method of transportation from Tokyo to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 5 hours, ¥6,100 per adult and ¥3,050 per child.

  • The ride is 5 hours without traffic, with two rest stops along the way. During holidays and weekend commuting times, be prepared for delays.
  • The bus terminal is directly connected to the JR Shinjuku Station New South Gate or across the street from the South exit. For precise times and fares, please check with The Bus departs from the 4F and arrives on the 3F.
CompanyJourney fromDepartureArrivalStopAdultChild
KeioShinjuku Bus Terminal7:3512:48Happo Bus Terminal¥6,100¥3,050
KeioShinjuku Bus Terminal10:2515:38Happo Bus Terminal¥6,100¥3,050
AlpicoShinjuku Bus Terminal15:0520:18Happo Bus Terminal¥6,100¥3,050
AlpicoShinjuku Bus Terminal23:056:23Happo Bus Terminal¥6,100¥3,050
JamJamTokyo Station24:206:30Happo Lawson Store¥4,500~¥4,500~

Chartered Taxi from Tokyo to Hakuba

Another alternative is a chartered jumbo taxi. Chuo Taxi and Alpico Taxi both offer this service based on availability.

CompanyUp to 7 Passengers
Alpico Taxi¥168,700
Chuo Taxi¥122,400~

Car Rental from Tokyo to Hakuba

Rent a car in Tokyo and drive to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 3 h 30 min; rate depends on car size, but a Toyota Noah will run you around ¥20,500 per day from Toyota Rent a Car. Tolls are approximately ¥7,380 if you use the toll road.

Please remember that if you are coming to Hakuba in the wintertime, you will need to reserve a 4WD with winter tyres as a special option with availability depending on the pick-up location.

Nagano to Hakuba

Alpico Bus

The Hakuba-Nagano bus leaves approximately every hour, but please check the timetable for exact times and updated fare costs. Timetable Please take care that the last bus to from Nagano Station to Hakuba is around 20:00, and you have no public transport options to Hakuba after this time. Alpico Kōtsū/Highland Shuttle offer first come first serve services between Nagano Station (East Exit bus stop # 26) and various stops in Hakuba. It is not possible to reserve in advance.

Bus Stops in Hakuba are roadside at Kamishiro (close to Goryu ski area), Hakuba Station, Happo Information Center ( close to Happo ski area), and Tsugaike Kogen (Directly in from of Tsugaike ski area). Not all buses travel all the way to Tsugaike so please check the time table here. Timetable