Ha-mon will be closed for golden week (April 24 to May 6) and indeffinatly until the situation with the coronavirus improves. We hope you can all remain safe in these challenging times.

この度コロナウイルスによる政府の緊急事態宣言を受け、4月24日から一時休業させていただいております。 状況変わり次第、予約の受付を再開致します。


To introduce a 100% Japanese cultural experience in a style that people from other cultures can identify with. We aim to soften cultural differences, rouse curiosity and bridge cultural the gaps to deliver a unique experience. We hope to not only inspire our guests but to also be inspired by you and help us open our minds to new ideas, ways of thinking and move forward together to create a better world.



We when say we’re a one-stop-shop we mean it and we aim to immerse you in the local area and culture all while enjoying the beautiful mountains of the Northern Alps. With that in mind we’re not just a skiing destination and we hope you glean insight into the workings of this beautiful mountain town we call home. From delicious local fare to insightful cultural activities we’ve got all the bases covered to ensure your stay here at Ha-mon is as memorable as it can be.




When you arrive into Hakuba we’ll be there to greet you (with a smile of course). When your ready to leave (sadly) we’ll arrange to have you dropped at the destination of your choice. If you need to go further afield we can help with that too: just let us know!



For a small rural area the Hakuba Valley is blessed with some amazing eats (and in great quantity too). As foodies we share a love of good fare and we’d love to take you on a culinary journey while you are here. We’ll book and transport you to some of our favourite local eateries.


GUIDING | バックカントリーガイド

We know this mountains better than most and via our sister-company GoodGuides we can help you explore the vast terrain that is on offer. Whether you are a first-timer looking to explore the side-country or a season touring pro we have a guided tour for you. If you’re into self-guiding our in-house guides provide daily safety reports so you know before you go. 

この山域をよく知る姉妹会社GoodGuidesが、広大な地形を探索するお手伝いをいたします。 サイドカントリー初心者の方も、ツーリングプロの方にも最良のガイド付きツアーがございます。 ご自身で山行に出発される場合は、社内ガイドが毎日提供している安全レポートを出発前にご確認いただけます。

CAR RENTAL |レンタカー手配

To explore the breadth and depth of the Hakuba Valley it’s best done with your own wheels. With 10 resorts on offer having a vehicle will make your life much simpler and you’ll get to explore much more of what is on offer. Please ask us if you would like to add car rental to any booking you make.

白馬全域をより深く旅するのであれば、レンタカーが大変便利です。 村内にある10のスキーリゾート間をレンタカーで移動するとより簡単に隅々を探索することができます。 お車の手配が必要な場合はお知らせください。


It would be remiss to come to Hakuba and not experience some cultural events; after all immersion in the local culture all one of life’s greatest pleasure (after powder skiing/snowboarding). Hakuba locals know how to put on a good show and we’d love for you to experience some unique and memorable. 

素晴らしいスキーやスノーボードの後には、白馬の伝統的な催しをぜひ体験してください。 地元の人々が古来から受け継ぐ文化を見て聞いて触れる。それは忘れがたい思い出となります。

Our lodge has a distinctly Japanese feel and our rooms are no exception. Warm lighting, soft timber finishes, traditional tatami flooring and original shoji screens reflect a true Japanese style Ryokan representative of the real rural mountain village accommodation you’d expect in Japan. Our rooms are warm, have comfortable mattresses and plenty of space for all your luggage requirements; rest assured you’ll feel right at home in Ha-mon. 




Our double rooms are great couples looking for a private retreat or solo’s looking for space. They’re warm and softly appointed in traditional furnishing that you’ll feel instantly at home and comfortable in. After all a long day on the hill requires a good nights sleep and sleep well you will.

Room Rate: ¥18,000 per night | Amenities: Shared | Max Occupancy: 2 pax



客室料金:1泊18,000円| アメニティ:共有| 最大収容人数:2名


Our twin rooms are great for 2 friends, family members or couples who don’t like to share a bed. They’re warm and softly appointed in traditional furnishing that you’ll feel instantly at home and comfortable in. After all a long day on the hill requires a good nights sleep and sleep well you will.

Room Rate: ¥18,000 per night | Amenities: Shared | Max Occupancy: 2 pax


ツインルームは、ご友人やご家族、カップルに最適です。 客室は伝統的な家具で整えられております。

客室料金:1泊18,000円| アメニティ:共有| 最大収容人数:2名

A great ski holiday starts and ends with a warm, inviting and comfortable lodge (and snow of course). With this is mind we’ve tried to keep things friendly and humble here at Ha-mon and have included all the necessary ingredients to make your stay as welcoming as possible. We understand that you’ll want to get out and explore the Hakuba Valley but rest assured if you want to while away the winter nights there’s nothing in Ha-mon to stop you.  


素晴らしいスキー旅行に温かく居心地の良いロッジは必要不可欠なものです。あなたが”ほっ” とした気持ちでご滞在いただけるよう、私達はいつも謙虚に親しみをもってお客様をお迎えいたします。もちろん白馬の夜を探検したいお気持ちも察します。どうぞこの波紋にて、穏やかな時間をお過ごしください。

  • Ofuro Room (Bath) / お風呂

    Soak those weary muscles

    Ofuro Room (Bath) / お風呂

    We have an onsen style wet room in-house so you can soak after a long day on the hill and rest those weary muscles; it really is the perfect way to end the day on the mountain (followed by a beer of course)!

  • Living Room / ラウンジ

    While the nights away

    Living Room / ラウンジ

    We have a large living room adorned with comfy couches, soft lighting and a big flat-screen TV. If it is relaxation you want, relax you will. Be at home in Ha-mon.

  • Drying Room / 乾燥室

    No one wants to be wet

    Drying Room / 乾燥室

    There is nothing (much) worse that wet ski clothes on a cold powder day's morning. At Ha-mon we keep the heaters running over night so your gear is always dry.

  • Bar & Restaurant / バー & 料理

    Because why not

    Bar & Restaurant / バー & 料理

    After spending much of the day exerting your energy exploring the mountain nothing call one more than a good meal and a cold beers. Sit down, relax, and we'll wait on you.


We’re ski-in ski-out at one of Hakuba Valley’s largest (and best) ski resorts. With great terrain for all levels of riding and some of the longest powder courses in Honshu there is something for everyone. With great access to some of Japan’s best Alpine terrain, Tsugaike opens up a veritable backcountry paradise for those who want to earn their turns. With it’s own distinctly Japanese village Tsugaike feels like the real Japan. With a smattering of restaurants and bars you’ll be well fed and watered, and with easy access to local village shuttles services you’ll find yourself exploring the Hakuba Valley in it’s entirety (10 resorts) and getting to know the vast terrain that is on offer.



We’ve spent a vast amount of time exploring the mountains of Hakuba both personally and as part of our sister-company GoodGuides. There is no place we’d rather spend the Northern Hemisphere winter than between the deciduous tree in waste deep powder or high up in the steep alpine terrain. No matter where we are we’ve taken some beautiful shots amongst the Northern Alps and we hope you enjoy them too. 


私達は日本の山々の魅力と、そこに潜む危険の両方を探索するために長い時間を費やしています。good guidesに所属する熟練したマウンテンガイドが、お客様をブナやダケカンバが生きる美しい森や、険しくも凛々しいアルパインエリアへご案内いたします。北アルプスを写した風景写真を掲載しています。どうぞお楽しみください。

We’re approachable kind-of-people and are here to answer any or all of the question you may have to ask. We understand planning a holiday takes time and sometimes it is hard to get a grasp on a place that you have never been before. We’re experts in the local area and are here to help. Please use us as a resource if need be and we’re always happy to hear from past or future guests. Please fill out the form below and we’ll aim to get back to you in 24-48 hours.